Plywood FOF (TU BY 500126145.002-2011)


Veneer plywood sheets FOF (TU BУ 500126145.002-2011) Thickness – 9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30 mm Length – 1250 mm Width – 2500 mm Other thickness and size options are possible.  Designed for use in construction, transport engineering, shipbuilding, car building and other industries. ТУ BУ500126145.002-2011. (Code ТНВЭД 4412390000) The stages of production: The basis of this product is plywood of no lower grade than III/III that is further laminated in a multi-span press. The film is applied on top of it has a dark brown opaque colour, the density of which is 120 g / m2. The texture of the laminated surface comes in GL-sleek and S-net/grid (?). The product also bears the company’s logotype on one of its sides.

Due to the film the plywood acquires additional protection against water, mechanical damage and aggressive chemical substances such as acids and alkalis. The surface of the sheets can be washed with cold and warm water.  The ends of the plywood sheet on all sides are painted with a special acryl-based weather-proof paint that protects the product against moisture and swell. At the end of the production line the final product is sorted and bundled according to its appearance, geometrical parameters etc. 

ламинир фанера

FOF areas of use: 
FOF-Gl2 is specially designed for formwork. The recommended thickness is 18-21 mm. When the concrete has dried and settled the formwork can easily be removed and reused for next cycle. 
Our veneer panels are known for their high quality film and bonding, which means that multiple uses of the same sheet of veneer plywood will not deteriorate the quality of monolithic slabs. 
FOF-GL/S veneer sheets have a structured grid pattern surface on one side and a sleek surface with the company’s logo on the other. 
FOF-S1 plywood with a grid pattern on one of its sides is a perfect choice for flooring material in trucks, rail cars, containers and buses, as well as for reusable flooring for scaffolding and stair slabs.
Sort I – has the minimal amount of defects
Sort II – has a few defects


FOF plywood sheets are packaged by brand, size, grade and surface type into bundles of no more than 1500 kg per bundle. Bundles of other weight are available upon request. Each bundle is tied by two transverse and three to six longitudinal belts of wrapping film. 
If packed for export then the appropriate packaging of the plywood is discussed. The exact packaging options will depend on the means of transportation of the product. The guaranteed shelf life of our products is 5 years from the delivery date. 
The basis of the price formation is Mosty FCA.