Latoflex is a term used for the curved slats used as a base under a bed mattress or upholstered furniture. Latoflex is sometimes also called slats, battens, curved elastic strips etc. The slats can be found in the design of sofa-beds and chair-beds. Constructed in the form of a curved strip plank, they provide a uniform load on the bed base and prevent deflection.
Birch veneer is used for the production of latoflex. Out of a formed veneer packet the press machine produces the so-called sandwich packet that is composed of several layers (depending on the thickness of the slats). When a veneer packet is ready it goes through a press machine that bonds the layers together with urea-formaldehyde resin. Once cool, the packets are sent to a form-edger where they are cut according to the desired length. Next the work pieces are cut by width and the edges of the strips are milled. The slats are made of 2 different types of veneer that are used for internal and external layers respectively.
Our technology allows us to provide latoflex of increased durability and longevity. 

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Length – 510-990 mm
Width – 34-80 mm
Thickness -8-10 mm
Bend radius -3,5-4,5 mm
Raw materials:
Round wood hardwood (alder, birch)
Other materials:
Urea-formaldehyde resin
Ammonium chloride, technical