Laminated floor panels/Laminate is a high quality product made on the basis of HDF fibreboards of dry manufacture. TU BY 500126145.005-2013.
(Code TNVD 4411).
Our laminated floor panels consist of four main layers. It is due to this characteristic structure that we achieve the high quality that makes them so widely used. 
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The structure of the laminated floor panels:

The advantages of laminate: Resistance to surface abrasion. Resistance to high temperatures (cigarettes, etc.). Easy installation. Excellent decorative properties. Resistance to pressure, scratches and dents. Resistance to dirt. Antistatic properties.

The installation of laminate The laminate panels have tenon and mortise lock structure, arranged at opposite ends of the cut on the bottom of the panel. These Click locks are produced by Mostovdrev under a license from Flooring Industries. The Click locks are more sophisticated and much easier to assemble and disassemble. Another advantage is the size of laminate panels 1287X190 mm. This format is suitable for any size and shape of the room. 
The class of laminate
For a comprehensive laminate quality assessment there are international standards that are based on various tests, approved by the European Association of Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF). According to the results of the tests the following characteristics are being checked: impact resistance, abrasion resistance, ecological compatibility and other important qualities for flooring materials. In accordance with these standards and by the results of the tests, the laminated floor panels are assigned to a particular class of laminate.
Laminated panels correspond to AC4 (W4) / 32 class of service life, the life time of which is 3-5 years in a commercial space. In residential space its life time can reach up to 10 years. The scope of use of this class of laminate includes residential space and commercial space with an average load, such as offices, restaurants and cafes. 
The collection of laminate colours produced by JSC Mostovdrev is constantly updated and extended. 
Nowadays laminate is a leader in sales among flooring materials. It combines aesthetics, durability, quality and an affordable price. By choosing laminate as a floor covering, you get high quality at a reasonable price and a possibility to create an unrivalled decor in your room.
While choosing laminate, everybody faces the same dilemma in picking the right colour. The choice depends of course on your personal preferences and the type of interior that is planned. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of options for decorations that can satisfy every taste and every need.
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Laminate collections JSC Mostovdrev

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English oak

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Vesteros oak

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Mountain oak

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Classic oak

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Frosty oak

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Tandil oak

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Artemis oak

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Glom oak

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Kratos oak

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Light oak

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Forto oak

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Etran oak