JSC Mostovdrev is a modern and multi-disciplinary wood processing company, one of the biggest in the Republic of Belarus and a part of BORWOOD consortium http://borwood.by. Due to its geographical closeness to the country’s western border, its position is strategically unique and presents multiple opportunities for cooperation with companies in Western and Eastern Europe.

The company consists of the following structural units:

-Forestry unit – logging for own production
-Sawmill and Woodworking unit – processing round timber (edged and non-edged boards, moulding etc.)
-Plywood unit – production of plywood of types MR, FOF, WBR
-Fibreboard unit – production of MDF / HDF, LMDF
-Synthetic resins unit - production of urea-formaldehyde resins KF-NFP, KF-Zh, KF-O, KF-PS, raisins for MDF production
-Department for curved and flat laminated details, latoflex and chairs
-Laminate flooring unit 

JSC Mostovdrev’s products are the ideal choice for furniture, building and finishing sectors. Our products are popular in Belarus and the CIS countries as well as in numerous countries in Europe and the Middle East.

The use of modern cutting-edge technology from world-class manufacturers allows us to produce high quality products. 

At JSC Mostovdrev we give the utmost priority to quality control of the products. That is why we rely on regularly updated advanced technology to improve the production process in order to meet our clients’ high requirements and expectations. Furthermore, the constant quality control of the production line is carried out in the company’s own laboratory, as well as by independent organizations working in the field of quality control. 


We are open to cooperation at any stage of our work and with great interest consider every business opportunity!